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The Content Strategy Reeder is a weekly newsletter about content marketing.

Get actionable writing and marketing advice every Saturday.

Finish each episode in 5 minutes or less.

The Content Strategy Reeder is a weekly newsletter about content marketing.

Get actionable writing and marketing advice every Saturday.

Finish each episode in 5 minutes or less.

“Your newsletter is literally the only one I read.”

Justin Welsh
Founder, JW Strategic Advisory

"A marketer who understands sales people. His newsletter is a no brainer."

Morgan J. Ingram
VP of GTM Talent and Development, Sales Impact Academy & 3x Top LinkedIn Sales Voice

“If you’re looking for ways to tell intelligent, useful, and entertaining stories, work with Devin.”

Rowan Noronha
VP Product Marketing, Showpad

“His copywriting tips for salespeople are spot on.”

John Barrows
CEO, JB Sales

“This newsletter is a game-changer for marketers looking to level up their content game.”

Nick Bennett
Director of Evangelism & Customer Marketing, Alyce
"Devin is among the world's premier content strategists. An incredibly gifted writer and storyteller, he attacks his craft with remarkable energy and enthusiasm. And my God, he's generous. Read him now."
~ Eddie Shleyner
Founder, VeryGoodCopy

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Micaela Richmond
Content Manager @ PartnerHacker

What if 💭
What if I fail.
What if I’m embarrassed?

I used to challenge that black-hole of “what ifs” by taking action.
And I still think that’s a good idea.

But yesterday I was reading Devin Reed’s old newsletter posts, and he offered a re-frame I loved, so I thought I’d share.

What if (😉) that negative "what if" spiral is only half of the process?

What if you were intentional about outlining the positive "what ifs" as well?

- What if I succeed?
- What if I’m proud of the outcome?

That re-frame allows for a complete internal dialogue.

James Crisp
Enterprise Sales Director @ Turtl

Marketers: If you have not subscribed to the "Content Strategy Reeder" then I strongly recommend that you should.

It's a weekly newsletter created by Devin Reed from Gong that gives you actionable strategies and tactics for creating memorable content.

The most recent issue really resonated with me...and the below is what really struck me as most impactful:

Attention Competitors - Discover your true competitors

You have two types of competition:
- Product and Attention

💰 Product competitors are who you compete with for budget.
👀 Attention competitors are who your content competes with for attention.

This is critical to understand because you must win mindshare before you win market share.

Read that last sentence again ⬆️

Steven Schroeyens
VP Marketing @ Webs

I love this snippet from Devin Reed 👇🏻

"Most people think that using dynamic fields is personalization.

You know, fields like First Name, Company Name, Industry.

I call BS. Buyers assume you know the basics about them.

True personalization means speaking directly to a problem your audience faces right now in a way that resonates with them emotionally."

#accountbasedmarketing #contentstrategy

Chaithra M D
Social Media Marketer at Goldcast

Let's address the villain in the room 😈

I recently read Devin Reed's Content Strategy Reeder, where he talks of identifying the 'villain' in your business and using it as a guide to your content strategy.

This is key because people are more inclined to unite over something they dislike.

You need a villain (problem) to justify the solution you’re offering.

For example, Amazon Prime's villain is delayed deliveries. 📦
I'd never looked at it this way before!

Oh, and the hero? The hero is ALWAYS your audience/customer. 🦸‍♀️

Mike Wolber
Chief Revenue Officer @ Rent Dynamics

The 2 newsletters I look forward to the most both hit my inbox on Saturday morning.

Devin Reed is a great LinkedIn follow and is constantly creating value. His newsletter is full of:

- Frameworks to improve your copywriting
- Actionable tips for Marketing
- Playbooks for growing your LinkedIn

Justin Welsh has been another inspirational follow. I’ve watched him go from exec to successful Solopreneur. His newsletter is full of:

- Methods to build a meaningful audience
- How to leverage social to create income
- How to truly optimize your social presence

The thing I love about both of these guys, they write like they talk and it makes them very engaging to follow.

Had to share as I sat down to read both this morning.

Happy Saturday!

Ashley McGovern
Content Marketing Manager @ Realync

Content marketers, do you ever feel like this (I could be alone on this one)?

"That's great advice, but I need more substance!" 😩

In this case, substance means real examples, experiences, and thought-provoking ideas.

I’ve been on a hunt for more substance lately. So, when I received an email yesterday from Devin Reed's newsletter, The Content Strategy Reeder, it was the breath of fresh air I craved!

There was substance! It was…

1. Relevant - The topic centered around content goals and milestones.
2. Engaging - There were real examples of Devin's goals and milestones from 2021. And, there were examples of strategies versus tactics.
3. Actionable - There was a copy/paste 3-step template.
4. Interactive - I was so intrigued by its simplicity I got the sudden urge to fill out the template!

👇 Who do you recommend to follow for substance-filled posts in B2B marketing?

P.S. In the comments section, I added a few other newsletters (substance included) that have helped my B2B marketing journey so far!

Brian Hansen
Director of Customer Success at Aurora Solar

I'm learning that posting on LinkedIn is both an art and a science - and there is a lot to know.

To help, I check out Devin Reed and his Content Strategy Reeder newsletter.

Check him out if you're interested in marketing. It's REALLY good stuff.

Link in comments (one of the tips I picked up!).

John Barrows
CEO at JBarrows Sales Training

If you're in sales and marketing, I highly recommend you check out Devin Reed's newsletter. It is one of the very few newsletters that I look forward to on a regular basis. His copywriting tips for salespeople are spot on.

Anyone else putting out a good newsletter you'd recommend?

Dani Kimble
Marketing Consultant at O'Neil Insurance

I unsubscribe from most mass emails.

Not this one.

Here’s why:

It’s easy to ”reed”

It’s packed with value

And it’s helped me grow as a writer

Not to mention, I’ve been watching Devin Reed build here the last few years.

He lives and breathes this stuff.

So, if you’re looking to up your content game- subscribe here for his weekly tips:

Axel Sukianto
Marketing Director @ UpGuard

A newsletter I always read is Devin Reed's content newsletter. Love this bit from this week's edition:

In a room of 50 marketers, there were generalists and specialists.

You can make a career being either one, and neither is inherently better than the other.

Companies need both.

Knowing where you are and how you want to grow will also help you pick the right role and the right company and the right time.

Lenora Gan
Digital Marketing Specialist

Discover Devin Reed's concept of a "value sandwich", and how it can effectively help your business grow. 📈

This short piece also includes practical tips for:
✏️ writing a clear and effective CTA that will really drive action
✏️ purposefully turning micro content (i.e social media posts) into longer, high-value content

📄 Read here:

P.S. Don't miss grabbing his "7 LinkedIn Writing Tips for Growing Your Audience" PDF linked at the very bottom. It's gold for #b2bmarketers and #contentmarketers 🌟

Abigail King
Sales Development Manager at Textio

Remember yesterday when I was telling all of you that your heroics aren’t celebrated enough? (not offended if you don’t 😏 )

Well… I may have something of interest to them and please share as you see fit. 💥💥

I learned from Devin Reed that best way to promote content is to lead with outcomes and if you aren’t subscribed to The Content Strategy Reeder, go subscribe. He gives you actionable takeaways that can be immediately put into practice. Evidenced below. 👇

Come join us at Casted for our event on November 3rd! You’ll leave with an understanding on how IBM, PayPal, and Caterpillar are using audio and video to transform their marketing strategies and how this approach can be harnessed across a vast array of industries.

…plus you’ll get to hear from Devin and will walk away with a brief history on how you create a category and tips on listening to your audience/placing them first.

Josh Rod
Marketing lead at Similarweb

If I had to take a shot every time I read the words "optimize", "data-driven" or "low-hanging fruit" – I'd be drunk before my third cup of coffee (usually around 10 AM).

As marketers, it's so easy to get swept up in the hype of buzzwords and overcomplicating simple ideas.

The way forward? To quote Devin Reed "Use simple words and tell simple truths."

But how do you kick the habit?
Electric shocks connected to your keyboard? A treat every time you write an email without a single buzzword? Open to suggestions...

*Rant over*

What You’ll Learn:

Content is more influential (and shareable!) than ever before. Anyone can use content to grow their business, build their brand, and catapult their career.

But here’s the thing: You have to know how.

Otherwise you’ll work your ass off for months with little to show for it — and that’s why I created this newsletter: to share what I’ve learned as Gong’s Head of Content Strategy and by advising B2B marketing teams.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to create a cohesive, intentional, and effective content strategy
  2. Tactics for producing memorable and actionable content
  3. How to build your brand and dominate on LinkedIn using a step-by-step guide

If you want to publish outstanding content, then the Content Strategy Reeder is for you. Are you ready?

~ Devin Reed

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